Temporary Pedestrian Signal System

Portable & Stowable Crowd Control

MUTCD Compliant Temporary Pedestrian Signal System

The Horizon Signal Technologies Temporary Pedestrian Signal System includes MUTCD compliant indications exclusively intended for controlling pedestrian traffic. The signal indications consist of the illuminated symbols of a walking person (symbolizing walk) and an upraised hand (symbolizing don’t walk). The HST pedestrian signal indications can easily be integrated into our SQ3TS trailer mounted portable traffic signal or be furnished on a stand alone cart.

In addition to being compatible with all Horizon portable traffic signal systems, the HST Pedestrian Signal System can be integrated into most NEMA compliant traffic signal controllers. Communication is accomplished via hardwire or wireless radio link.

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How it Works

The Pedestrian Signal System can work in conjunction with any other Horizon Portable signal system, or as a standalone system. Push-button activation allows pedestrians to request a Walk indication following a programmed clearance interval. Countdown timers are available to display the remaining clear time.

The pedestrian signal heads can also be affixed to the Horizon SQ3TS system for crosswalks.

Available as a stand alone system or component option

Activated automatically or by ADA approved pushbutton

Compact cart makes stowing easy when not in use

Portable Pedestrian Signal Applications