Red Clearance Time Extender

Adjusts Red Clearance Intervals in Real-Time

The Clearance Time Extension System increases safety in the work zone by detecting slow moving vehicles and extending the red clearance interval accordingly. If traffic has not cleared the work zone at the time the clearance interval expires, the Clearance Time Extension System will increase the programmed red time to allow for the remaining vehicles to clear the zone safely.  All green indications will be held until the system no longer detects traffic traveling through the work zone.

How it Works

The Clearance Time Extension System detects traffic within the work zone and automatically adjusts clearance intervals to the appropriate duration. By utilizing this special detection system, the system is able to recognize vehicles traveling through the work area, and hold all green indications until the work zone has been safely cleared.

Will Detect a Slow Moving Vehicle in a Work Zone

Compatible with all Horizon Signal Systems

Innovative solution to make the work zone safer