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Clearance Time Extender

The Clearance Time Extension System increases safety in the work zone by detecting slow moving vehicles and extending the red clearance interval accordingly. If traffic has not cleared the work zone at the time the clearance interval expires, the Clearance Time Extension System will increase the programmed red time to allow for the remaining vehicles to clear the zone safely.  All green indications will be held until the system no longer detects traffic traveling through the work zone.

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Message Board Interface System

A message board can be wirelessly interconnected with a Horizon Portable Traffic Signal to provide the motorist with an advanced notice of a signal ahead. The wireless interconnect between the signal and the message board allows the message board to display the signal status of the Horizon portable traffic signal, i.e.…Red Signal Ahead, Proceed with Caution Works ahead etc…. The radio interconnect allows for fast efficient deployment and reliable service. The Message Board Interface System is compatible with most major full matrix message board systems.

The SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal communicates via radio link with the message board. Custom messages can be programmed to alert the motorist of the signal status of the portable traffic signal ahead. Typically, when a signal goes to “Red” the Message board displays “Red Signal Ahead” to motorists and when the signal goes to “Green” The message board displays “Traffic Signal Ahead” to motorists. This ITS System is ideal for work zones with limited sight distance and new traffic patterns.

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Remote Monitoring System

The Advanced Remote Monitoring (ARM) system allows an authorized user to manage and monitor their fleet of Horizon Portable Traffic Signals, complete with location, run time, battery status, and system logs.

Users can remotely access program data and event logs from active signal systems outfitted with the ARM system. In the event of a system fault, the ARM system provides specific information concerning the source of the fault. This unique feature expedites the signal’s return to full operation. Daily status updates can also be configured to notify users of battery levels before voltages drop too low.

The Remote Monitoring System meets stndards set forth by NEMA TS-5 as a Remote Management and Notification System.

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Wait Time, Fault Display System

The Wait Time / Fault Display System (WTFDS) provides drivers with a visual representation of the amount of time remaining before the next green indication. It is also configured to display a special message in the event of a signal error or fault, alerting drivers how to proceed, or to seek an alternate route.
The WTFDS’s primary application is one-lane, bi-directional work zones utilizing Horizon Signal SQ3TS systems. Consisting of only a variable message sign, and a simple connection to the Horizon PTS, the system provides a convenient and easy way to communicate with motorists.

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Wireless Knockdown System

The Wireless Knockdown System allows a Horizon Signal Portable Traffic Signal System to be wirelessly operated by a standard street corner controller. This system allows for a quick and easy temporary signal substitution of a permanent signal in the event of a knockdown, relocation, or traffic pattern reconfiguration. The Horizon Portable Traffic Signal can be connected to the street corner controller within 30 minutes.

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Pre-Emption for Emergency Vehicles

Traffic Signal Pre-emption Systems have been developed to preempt the normal operation of traffic signal systems in order to provide a green indication in travel direction of emergency vehicles. The use of pre-emption systems on permanent traffic signals have reduced response times of emergency personnel and increased safety. Horizon Portable Traffic Signals can be equipped with a modular add-on pre-emption system. We have employed known proven technology to offer pre-emption as an option on all of our portable traffic signal systems.

Pre-Emption for Railroad Crossings

The Horizon Railroad Pre-Emption system preempts the active signal program in the event of a train intersecting the work zone. The system is activated by the railroad crossing gate controls via a hard-wired or wireless connection. All signals within the system revert to a solid red indication at the same time the railroad gates are activated by an oncoming train. The signals will remain in solid red mode until the train has safely cleared the work area, at which point the Horizon Signal system returns to normal operation. Horizon Portable Traffic Signals can be equipped with a modular add-on pre-emption system. We have employed known proven technology to offer pre-emption as an option on all of our portable traffic signal systems.

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