Project Spotlight: Hunter, NY


Hunter 2Road construction projects often come with a fair share of inconveniences, from traffic jams to detours. However, innovative solutions like our Driveway Assistance Device are changing the game by minimizing disruptions and enhancing traffic flow during such projects. In this blog post, we’ll delve into a recent road construction project in Hunter, NY that leveraged the DAD to improve safety and increase efficiency.

In response to the growing need for infrastructure upgrades, Hunter embarked on a road construction project that involved replacing a culvert, upgrading pedestrian facilities, and resurfacing roadways. Recognizing the potential for traffic congestion, the New York State Department of Transportation decided to employ portable traffic signals to keep vehicles moving smoothly and safely.

However, traffic officials quickly identified one issue: three residential driveways right in the middle of their planned work area. How would they manage vehicles entering the work zone mid-stream?

Having already utilized the Driveway Assistance Device on a previous project, the DOT understood the benefits – keep cycle times and traffic queues to a minimum, while safely managing driveway traffic through the work area. Working closely with NYSDOT and the Federal Highway Administration, Horizon Sign​​al provided a DAD system to meet their needs.

The Driveway Assistance Device supplied featured a unique 4-section signal indication. On top, red arrows displayed the direction that a turn was not permitted. Below, a flashing yellow arrow indicated the permitted turn movement. This arrangement is one of several that have been evaluated by FHWA in recent years, and has performed above expectations.

The three DADs were installed at each driveway along with three SQ3TS trailers to control mainline traffic. The local residents appreciated the efforts to manage traffic during the construction phase, and appreciated the convenience of having the DAD to help guide them through the work zone. The clear indication provided by the portable signals eliminated confusion and frustration, resulting in positive feedback from the community.

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