Safely Alerts Motorists of Direction of Traffic

A First in the Industry

The  Driveway Assistance Device engineered exclusively by Horizon Signal Technologies, has been designed to address the need to control driveways that fall within one lane temporary work zones. The system increases safety for both the motorist and the worker while maximizing traffic flow through the work zone. The Driveway Assistance Device is a self-contained cart with a small footprint, which allows for easy maneuverability during deployment. The cart features a battery bank with on board 110- volt charger and optional outriggers and solar charging system. Each signal is equipped with one 12” Red indication and two flashing red arrows which alert the motorist that one way access is permitted in the direction of the flashing arrow.

Case Study

NJDOT asks, “How can we alert motorists entering a one-lane work zone to the direction of traffic?”

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How It Works

The Horizon Driveway Assistance Device will display a flashing red arrow in the direction of the traffic traveling within the work zone. The motorist may proceed in the direction of the flashing arrow, yielding to the traffic traveling within the work zone. A solid red indication is displayed when it is not safe for the motorist to enter the work zone.

Each Horizon Driveway Assistance Device is linked to the Horizon Portable Traffic Signal System controlling the work zone traffic. Communication between the Horizon Portable Traffic Signal System and the Driveway Assistance Device is accomplished via wireless communication.

Available in SQ2T or SQ2 chassis configurations

Recognizable signals boost compliance

Unlimited systems can be deployed in series

Driveway Assistance Device (DAD) Applications