Wireless Knockdown

Provides A Wireless Communication with Traffic Controllers

The Wireless Knockdown System allows a Horizon Signal System to be wirelessly operated by a standard street corner controller. This system allows for a quick and easy temporary signal substitution of a permanent signal in the event of a knockdown, relocation, or traffic pattern reconfiguration. The Horizon Portable Traffic Signal can be connected to the street corner controller within 30 minutes.

Full Conflict Monitoring of:

  • Remote Signal
  • Communicates Up to ¼ Mile from Control Cabinet
  • Simple Wireless Connection from Horizon Signal Trailer to Street Corner Controller

How it Works

The Wireless Interface System has been engineered to operate with any standard NEMA compliant traffic controller. Separate transceiver modules are connected to the existing street corner cabinet, as well as the Horizon Portable Traffic Signal. The Horizon signal transmits its status and information back to the cabinet in real-time, allowing it to be fully monitored via the cabinet’s Malfunction Management Unit. The wireless interface system has a range of up to ¼ mile.

Communicates with control cabinet up to 1/4 mile away

Compatible with NEMA compliant traffic controllers

Innovative solution to make the work zone safer

Wireless Knockdown Applications