Wait Time, Fault Display System

Wait Time, Fault Display System

Displays Real-Time Messages to Motorists

The Wait Time / Fault Display System (WTFDS) provides drivers with a visual representation of the amount of time remaining before the next green indication. It is also configured to display a special message in the event of a signal error or fault, alerting drivers how to proceed, or to seek an alternate route.
The WTFDS’s primary application is one-lane, bi-directional work zones utilizing Horizon Signal SQ3TS systems. Consisting of only a variable message sign, and a simple connection to the Horizon PTS, the system provides a convenient and easy way to communicate with motorists.

How it Works

When the Horizon Portable Traffic Signal displays a red indication, the Changeable Message Sign (CMS) displays the remaining red time in minutes/ seconds. When the signal display changes to green, the CMS displays a “Slow Work Zone” message.

On a yellow indication, the CMS displays a “# minutes (or seconds)
wait time” message. All messages may be customized to meet
project-specific requirements.

The WTFDS is available in two different sizes, and can also be
upgraded to allow for remote access to the signal messages.

Small Message Board: 18” x 28”
Large Message Board: 24” x 60”

Provides visual confirmation of wait times to the motorist

Red Clearance Time

Compatible with all Horizon Signal Systems


Innovative solution to make the work zone safer

Work Zone Safety

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