Temporary Ramp Meter

Temporary Ramp Meter

Effectively Manages Interstate Work Zone Traffic Queues

The Temporary Ramp Metering System from Horizon Signal provides a quick, reliable solution to highway congestion. The system can be easily deployed at any highway on-ramp to regulate the flow of traffic onto the highway, and ease overall congestion. The signal features standard 12-inch red and green indications for high visibility.

Innovative Traffic Control Systems, Advancements in Work Zone Safety Technology

Ramp Meter System

How it Works

The Temporary Ramp Metering System uses one SQ2 Portable Traffic Signal Cart per ramp. Motorists are alerted to stop or go with red and green signals. Yellow indications can also be used as an option.

Traffic is permitted to enter the Interstate one vehicle at a time either through signal timing or via manual operation. This system effectively mitigates overcrowding on the highway during peak traffic volumes, as well as increases driver safety.

The system operates on 12V DC power and can be outfitted with a solar panel to supplement the on-board battery bank. Stabilizer jacks are also available for convenient leveling of the cart.

Ramp Meter

Helps to mitigate congestion in work zones

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Can be deployed as part of a traffic study

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Innovative solution to make the work zone safer

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