Mobile Traffic Control, Reimagined

Portable Traffic Lights, Reimagined

The Highly mobile SQ2T Portable Traffic Signal System combines a full matrix operating system in a tow-able trailer design. For fast, efficient deployment without sacrificing quality or versatility, the SQ2T is the ultimate answer. This trailer mounted version of our SQ2 portable traffic signal system features an integrated conflict monitor, programming storage and is actuation ready. The operating system is software based and conforms to the NEMA performance standards. Failsafe programming is accomplished easily and features fixed time, actuated or manual modes. The SQ2T System is ideal for a wide variety of traffic control applications. It provides increased work zone safety while maximizing traffic flow.

The SQ2T Portable Traffic Signal meets and exceeds NEMA TS-5 specifications for Type TR2 PTS.

Component Options

Horizon Signals are engineered from the ground up to be component-based systems.  The SQ2T is available with a wide variety of optional components, enabling you to meet your specific project requirements.  Click here for more information.

Innovative Applications

The SQ2T can also be equipped with the SQ4 Emergency Intersection kit.  This add-on allows the SQ2T to convert to a mobile intersection control signal for use in emergency response situations.  For more information on the SQ4 Emergency system, click here.

Innovative Traffic Control Systems,
Advancements in Work Zone Safety Technology

SQ2T Features and Benefits

  • High quality tandem tow signal trailers
  • Conforms to NEMA TS5 performance standards
  • Conflict monitoring
  • Data logger records signal functions
  • Durable aluminum signal heads
  • Work zone indication lights provides visual cue inside the work zone
  • Secure reliable long range wireless communication system
  • Integrated solar charging panels
  • Setup and operational in minutes
  • Year round operation regardless of location or climate
  • Controls multiple traffic phases
  • 80 watts of solar collection capacity standard and expandable
  • Video, motion & in ground loop actuation ready

Easy deployment with tow in tandem trailer capabilities

Lockable compartment holds up to eight batteries

Battery powered and solar charged for long-term use

SQ2T Applications

Popular Options


Remote Monitoring

Allows an authorized user to monitor an entire fleet of Portable Traffic Signals for location, voltage, operating hours and system status.

Remote Control

Can be used in wireless or wired configurations. Wireless range is .5 mile. Wired can be ordered with a 25ft or 50ft cable.