Message Board Interface

Message Board Interface

Alerts Motorists to New Traffic Patterns

A message board can be wirelessly interconnected with The SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal System to provide the motorist with an advanced notice of a signal ahead. The wireless interconnect between the signal and the message board allows the message board to display the signal status of the Horizon portable traffic signal, i.e.…Red Signal Ahead, Proceed with Caution Works ahead etc…. The radio interconnect allows for fast efficient deployment and reliable service. The Message Board Interface System is compatible with most major full matrix message board systems.

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How it Works

The SQ3TS Portable Traffic Signal communicates via radio link with the message board. Custom messages can be programmed to alert the motorist of the signal status of the portable traffic signal ahead. Typically, when a signal goes to “Red” the Message board displays “Red Signal Ahead” to motorists and when the signal goes to “Green” The message board displays “Traffic Signal Ahead” to motorists. This ITS System is ideal for work zones with limited sight distance and new traffic patterns.

Wireless Communication with VMS up to 1/4 mile away

Wireless Communication

Compatible with most Variable Message Signs


Innovative solution to make the work zone safer

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